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When people say that volunteering makes them feel good, there may be more truth to that statement than they expect. The Institute for the Advancement of Health and other studied the physical effects of volunteering. They found that volunteers experienced emotional and physical responses while helping others that were similar to reactions to vigorous exercise. A "runner's high" could be experienced through "altruism". So, why are you waiting?

Shasta Regional Medical Center welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to join our team as volunteers. In addition to learning, growing and meeting new friends, volunteers at SRMC help make a real difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

Volunteers may choose to participate in direct patient care services or in non-patient care services. Both programs offer volunteers the opportunity to provide vital assistance and support to the hospital's many departments and personnel.

What is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is someone who chooses to act in recognition of a need, with an attitude of social responsibility and without concern for monetary profit. There are many kinds of volunteers. In a school you might call it community service or an internship. On the street where you live you might call it neighborliness.

Become a Volunteer

Upon completion of the application and after a personal interview, selected volunteers will receive an invitation to Volunteer Orientation.

Download Volunteer Application

After orientation, volunteers will:

  • Complete health screenings and a TB test. (administered by the Hospital)
  • Complete a criminal background check. (administered by the Hospital)
  • Commit to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.
  • Purchase a volunteer uniform.
  • After general training, be placed in a vounteer service of your choice.
  • Be emotionally and physically healthy when you come in to volunteer.
  • Abide by all hospital rules and policies when on duty as a volunteer.
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