Path to Wellness/Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health - Path to Wellness


Our unit features: 20 beds, private and semi-private rooms in a dedicated part of the hospital that is secured for safety. Our multidisciplinary team includes physicians, psychiatric nurses, social workers and mental health aides as well as acute care medical staff.


Monday-Friday: 12:45pm - 2pm and 7pm - 8pm
Saturday-Sunday: 1pm - 3:45pm and 7pm - 8pm


A comprehensive assessment of the physical and psychosocial components of an adult’s illness, a psychiatric diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan, including:

• Biopsychosocial assessment
• Specialized medical evaluation
• Treatment of associated medical conditions
• Psychosocial assessment and intervention
• Assessment of daily living skills
• Family intervention and education
• Assessment of medication use and abuse


Every patient in the unit receives comprehensive, personalized assessments, and an individualized treatment plan of care.

• Patients work as individuals and in groups to address goal setting, coping strategies, stress management and problem solving skills.
• We provide patient and family education to help address specific medical and psychiatric needs.
• Family involvement is strongly encouraged at all levels of treatment.
• Medication management is provided, with an emphasis on safe and effective medication use.


Candidates for admission have an emotional or cognitive problem and are found to have a psychiatric diagnosis. Additionally, patients who are experiencing an acute change in behavior may also be assessed and treated for a medical condition that could be complicating their recovery.

Among the conditions considered are:

• Debilitating illness that renders the patient unable to negotiate their current environment, including depression, psychosis and other psychiatric disorders.
• Cognitive impairment and/or dementia resulting in psychological and/or behavioral disturbance.
• Being a potential danger to themselves or others because of their mental condition.
• Acute disabling symptoms, such as impaired reality, psychosis, severe depression or mood disorder.
• Impaired functioning attributable to a psychiatric disorder that substantially interferes with ordinary demands of person’s environment, including social, familial, educational or occupational.


Staff members are available for referrals and admissions — 24 hours per day, seven days a week. To refer patients to Shasta Regional Medical Center’s Path to Wellness, call 530-244-8222 and ask for the intake coordinator.

Referrals are accepted from:

• Patients themselves, family and friends
• Emergency departments
• Nursing homes
• Assisted-living facilities
• Physicians
• Therapists and counselors
• Hospitals and clinics
• Other service providers

For more information, please call (530) 244-8222.

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